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Day and Night Nursery

Half the room is nighttime, half the room is daytime.  Sheep graze above where the crib will go (counting sheep).

  Nursery Mural  Sheep Grazing

Studio Floor

Whimsical stonework, oversized flower vines, birds and insects are painted on this plywood floor.

mural4.jpg (56248 bytes)  Studio Floor

Angels In a Ceiling Rotunda With Skylight

These life-size angels float above you in the coved area in a living room.

Angels in the Rotunda   Texture Close Up  The Artist at Work

Backyard Wall and Patio

This patio area was transformed from an ugly pink cinder-block wall and stained concrete to an enjoyable patio area with faux stonework, vines, birds, dragonflies, lady bugs, and butterflies

Patio Before  Patio After Backyard Panorama  Dragonfly Vines Patio Close Up 

Bathroom Vines

The vines, birds, and insects make you smile and forget how tiny this bathroom really is.  Glazed background.

  Bird Under the Window Butterfly on Wall Bird's Nest by Medicine Cabinet Front Wall


This little boy's room is filled with all kinds of ocean treasures.


Door Wall  Shark  Window Wall
Octopus  Ship  Treasure Chest

Harlequin Nursery

A very cheerful nursery in a yellow and white harlequin design with green dots and dragonflies.

Closet Wall  Dragonflies

Garden Nursery

Painted the 6 panels of the closet doors to appear as though you are looking out a window to a garden scene.  Also painted a matching design and baby's name on the entry door.

Door Panels  Birdhouse  Entry Door
"Ulmo, Lord of the Waters" (from J.R.R. Tolkien's book "The Silmarillion"

Mural is painted on a wall 20'W x 12'H (8' on the sides).  It's painted on a highly textured surface so it was quite a challenge.

Mural Full View Mural with Artist Close up Face Close Up Waves Close Up Trees
Under Ocean Nursery

This children's nursery is filled with little fish

Mural North Wall Mural with Artist's Signature Mural Closeup of Moorish Idol Mural Closeup of Pallette Surgeon
Hand Scripted

A favorite song around the bedroom wall

It's a Wonderful World Bedroom Wall Above Window Bedroom Wall from Right
Interior Doors

Decorate a bathroom, child's, or any other door to make it special.

Bathroom Door Child's Bedroom Door Child's Bedroom Door Child's Bedroom Door Child's Bedroom Door Child's Bedroom Door Child's Bedroom Door
Ben's Pirate Ship Ben's Pirate Ship
Audrey's Mermaids Audrey's Mermaids
Los Altos Brethren Pre-School

This charming ocean scene is 3'x6' on the wall in the teacher's lounge.


Los Altos Brethren Pre-School Wall Mural
Los Altos Brethren Pre-School

This pattern is also in the teacher's lounge above the door leading to the office.

Los Altos Brethren Pre-School Wall Mural
Cow Mural

This 5 1/2 foot by 9 foot cow mural is a homey decoration for a back yard wall.


Cow Mural from a distance Cow Mural Close Up

Dora's Calla

This 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 mural was lovingly created for the Artist's Mother-in-Law.

Calla Lilies Mural


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